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We provide Turn-Key Lifestyle Metabolic Counseling Programs® for doctors focusing on lifestyle, metabolism, and real food for weight loss, medical or nutrition goals, based on individual food preferences.We work with physicians, specialists, chiropractors, naturopaths, alternative health providers and corporations that are interested in introducing a credible nutrition program to their practice, fine-tuning or elevating their existing nutrition program.

Using our patented, research validated metabolic analyzer; your assistant can teach your patients how to incorporate whole, healthy, normal, supermarket foods with long term behavior modification for most disease, pre-disease and wellness protocols. The research and validation was performed at the University of Southern California and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirmed scientific validity, accuracy, and usefulness in a clinical setting.

Each Lifestyle Nutrition Program® is based on your patient’s metabolism, lean muscle mass, activity level, diagnosis and food preferences, focusing on food, rather than relying exclusively on medications, diet products, shakes or packaged foods. Our software can quickly provide most any type of meal plan for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, coronary disease, credible weight loss, or dietary strategies including, Atkins, the Zone, South Beach, Sports Nutrition, American Heart, American Dietetics Association (ADA), Paleolithic, Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy, food combining, and many more depending upon your philosophy. Although, many of our doctors are happy using our default metabolic program.

Our Lifestyle Nutrition Turnkey Programs® includes all hardware, software, patient materials, sample news ads, power point presentations, posters, brochures, search engine optimization (SEO), and on site and/or webinar training from our licensed nutritionists. During an interactive webinar with one of our licensed nutritionists we will review cash, Medicare and 3rd party reimbursement scenarios. After the completion of the webinar we will provide physician references, some of whom we have trained and supported over a dozen years ago. We also offer an opportunity for our doctors and their staff to visit one of our locations in South Florida for advanced training in one of our practices. This is not a necessity, just another way we genuinely support our doctors and have been doing so for more than 20 years.

Numerous studies show that patient’s metabolisms, lifestyle, and food preferences vary. By incorporating a sliding scale healthy supermarket real food nutrition counseling program that is individualized for each patient’s lean muscle mass, age, activity level, metabolism and food preferences patients have better nutritional compliance and outcomes. One size does not fit all! Clinically, doesn’t this just make sense?

Our goal is to help you to advance your practice clinically and become a more effective health care provider while creating loyal, happy, healthy patients who refer their friends and family members to your office, thus generating significant income from credible nutrition counseling by setting yourself apart from other doctors in your community.

Validated, Patented
Lifestyle Metabolic Analyzer®

Christopher Fuzy MS, RD, LD Training Dr. Sylvia MD, Internal Medicine

As the former Chief of Preventive Medicine at John Hopkins University and practicing for 25 years in Washington DC, I treat patients with a variety of backgrounds and eating habits. After reviewing dozens of nutrition programs through my years of practice and training in Preventative Medicine at John Hopkins University, I find the Lifestyle Nutrition program to be a “common sense program” and clinically helps my patients with their weight loss, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hyperlipidemias, hypertension, digestive issues, sports nutrition, disease prevention, anti-aging & wellness etc. Even with my training, background and experience, I feel that I now provide my patients with much more detail and their nutrition program is much more individualized for their food preferences, metabolism and is more comprehensive than I have seen at any hospital, clinic or university I have ever affiliated with. My patients appreciate our novel approach to nutrition counseling and are more receptive to our lifestyle modifications than ever before. This program has been a win, win for our practice clinically and economically and for our patients!

Testimonials from Chiropractors, OBGYN’s, Endocrinologists, Naturopathic Doctors - click here

Our Programs Are Less Expensive, More Profitable & Market Well

Our whole food, anti-aging, weight loss, and disease prevention counseling programs are less expensive to the patient and more profitable to their owners because they do not require patients to purchase expensive supplements or packaged foods. Often with other programs half or more of the revenues collected are given to supplement companies as a cost of goods. Also, lifestyle programs market exceptionally well in today’s economic and clinical environment. Studies show that patients are less likely to revert back to their old habits (relapse) when behavior modification is incorporated within a program, especially when they are taught to eat whole, real foods that they can enjoy long-term, unlike packaged foods, bars, and shakes that make up other programs.

Our software, training, support, and marketing are the result of actual hands-on experience counseling patients in our clinics and hospitals for the past 20 years AND training and supporting over 700 physician practices nationwide with our Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling Program. We are nutritionists helping doctors successfully implement nutrition counseling in their patient practices across the country.

Here’s What We Learned As A Result of Counseling 1,000’s of Patients & Training Over 700 Practices Nationwide the Past 20 Years …..

Here’s The Secrete To Our Program….

We individualize each patient’s nutrition program for lean muscle, metabolic rate and incorporating their food preferences, lifestyle factors, and medical needs.

Our sliding scale meal plan is based on metabolism and activity level and can be adapted for an individual younger and exercising regularly or someone who is older and sedentary with much less muscle who is in front of computer all day.

“We formulate our recommendations based on calories burned by resting metabolism, and daily living calories aerobic and anaerobic exercises for patients at any fitness level or age.”

Through onsite and webinar training we can effectively teach and support your clinical assistant or “wellness coach” to perform metabolic assessments and review the nutrition recommendations with your patients.

Our patients are successful and motivated to adopt lifestyle changes because we provide

•     healthy, real supermarket food
•     detailed shopping lists
•     food combinations, simple recipes
•     weekly goals
•     exact name brand foods
•     realistic exercise programs
•     specific eating out guidelines
•     stress reduction
     focus on Blood Sugar Management Not Calorie Management
•     long-term behavioral changes and so much more

It takes approximately 3-5 minutes for a wellness coach to make up a custom meal plan and perform the metabolic assessment

Our patients embrace our suggestions highlighting specific functional foods and food combinations to help regulate their blood sugars properly and prevent diseases, rather than counting calories fat or carb grams or food groups. Our lifestyle applications are realistic and motivating and our patients look forward to incorporating them into their lifestyles, unlike the traditional ways patients are instructed to eat. Your patients will thank you for giving them a nutrition program they enjoy and can live with.

Type of Nutrition Programs Available For Your Patients – We train your staff based on your philosophy and patient demographic.

•     Cardiac – American Heart Association
•     Diabetic- American Diabetes Association protocols
•     American Dietetic Association
•     Low Glycemic, High Fiber, Plant Based
•     Mediterranean Diet
•     Atkins
•     Zone
•     Paleolithic
•     Metabolic Typing
•     Food Combining
•     Alkaline Diet
•     Blood Type Meal Plan
•     Vegetarian or Vegan Diet
•     Pritikin Like Diet
•     Pain Management
•     Meal Replacement Program
•     HCG Hormone Lifestyle Program

We have many more
nutritional protocols -see
Patients Who Qualify

Our Programs consists of 1-12 nutrition individualized sessions, either for individuals or groups.

Eventually most physicians will be adding this valuable and hard to find service to their practices- why not consider incorporating nutrition counseling and credible weight loss in your practice now and elevate your clinical services and income. Most of our doctors find our Lifestyle Counseling Program ® and novel approach to nutritional counseling it to be a clinically rewarding lucrative experience.

During one of our interactive nutritional webinars with our Licensed Nutritionists, we will review your custom nutrition program, demonstrate our software, and better understand your clinical philosophy and practice goals. As nutritional consultants we will also provide a realistic economic forecast for your patient demographic, review program costs and options and provide physician references (typically within your specialty).

Since 1989, Lifestyle Nutrition Inc. Implemented turnkey nutrition and wellness programs in the 50 contiguous states, Latin, and Central America. We have counseled thousands of patients in hospitals, our clinics, and have trained over 700 physician practices nationwide to incorporate our Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling Program in their practices.

Our program incorporates sophisticated, patented, researched validated, diagnostic equipment to assess metabolic rate & body composition analysis. The individual meal plan and exercise programs incorporate solid clinically supported nutritional principles and behavior modification techniques widely accepted by nutrition experts worldwide. The validation studies were conducted at the University of Southern California and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) convened a consensus panel of experts to confirm scientific validity and accuracy and usefulness in a clinical setting.

(Please review Validation & Research- How It Works for References).

The Problem In America

Please keep in mind, the average cost to lose 20 pounds of weight in America – Costs $960-$1,600. And these programs Are Not Physician Supervised. (Source - Center for Science in the Public Interest [CSPI]). For example, the most popular packaged foods program in the US costs approximately $4,600 to lose 20 pounds of weight.

As a busy practitioner, you don't have time to put together a personal nutrition and exercise program. So, you provide generic diet handouts for many of your patients. As a result, patient compliance is poor and you feel your patients are not receptive to making any diet or lifestyle changes.

Please remember that body mass index BMI is only a height and weight relationship and that using lean muscle weight and the patient's metabolic rate and activity level is a much better way to determine the correct amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat to manage their blood sugars, energy level, hunger, appetite, cravings, or fatigue throughout the day.

Eighty percent of your patients want to eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight & learn how to decrease their disease risks with food & lifestyle rather than just with medications.

Younger patients place importance on disease prevention and weight loss and older patients are interested in management of existing chronic diseases.

Having practiced as a chiropractor for 20 yrs., I relocated to Montana in 2000 to live on a ranch, improve my family’s quality of life & perpetuate Christian values. I have evaluated and tried many nutritional programs in my years of practice and consider myself a good businessman who genuinely cares about my patients. Kelli my assistant had minimal nutritional background, she previously, worked on Montana ranches, but after being trained by Lifestyle Nutrition, she helps me counsel our patients. We were able to customize the program for local Montana foods. Even in a very small town with very low household incomes, we devote a half day on Fridays to nutrition counseling and the Lifestyle Nutrition Program is very profitable for my practice.

Dr. Lou Chiropractor, Montana &
Christopher Fuzy MS, RD, LD

Complete Your Custom Meal Plan Questionnaire and Schedule a Webinar with a Nutritionist. We will review your options and then you will be able to effectively evaluate our program for your philosophy and patient demographic.

Numerous clinical studies show it is the correct balance of macronutrients, such as carbohydrate, protein, fat and fiber that significantly relates to aging, cancer, diabetes, cardiac disease, healthy metabolism and weight loss.

The Lifestyle Nutrition Program can be considered an anti-aging, disease prevention, blood sugar management program that promotes muscle gain and fat loss while controlling appetite and decreasing blood sugar spikes and cravings. By teaching your patient to manage their blood sugar levels adequately your patients interpretate the program as a positive uplifting life experience.

No Food Weighing, Counting Calories, or Carbohydrate or Fat gram Counting

Body Composition
Metabolic Analysis
Meal Plan Info
Aerobic Exercise
Weight Training

The Lifestyle Nutrition Program will improve patient compliance, revenues & new patients into your practice. Your patients receive credible individualized nutrition information directly from your clinical assistant or wellness coach.

Benefits of the Lifestyle Program – Click Here

Please remember, by promoting long-term lifestyle changes using real food and customizing a nutrition program individually for your patients, they will be more receptive to your suggestions. Your patients will thank you for introducing them to your Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling Program.

Let's Get Started Now!

Please take 3 minutes and complete the Custom Meal Plan Questionnaire / Request More Information and one of our Licensed Clinical Nutritionists will send you your personalized nutritional program.

We Offer Individualized Private Nutrition Webinars For Prospective Doctors and Staff

The best way to truly evaluate our program is to complete the meal plan questionnaire and schedule a private, interactive, webinar for doctors and any staff members, with our licensed nutritionists to:

• review and explain your custom nutrition and exercise program
• demonstrate how our software functions “hands on”
• better understand your clinical philosophy and practice business goals
• provide a realistic economic forecast for your patient demographic and practice
• review hardware, software, marketing and program costs and options.

During our webinars our nutritional consultants will review clinical, marketing, and financial strategies and will focus on your needs and goals, with care and practical knowledge. We are nutritionists helping doctors with nutrition counseling in their practices with their patients.

One of the most important things you can do to evaluate our program for your patients and your practice, is take 3 minutes and complete the online Meal Plan Questionnaire and Request a Private Webinar Now. So, you can properly assess our program for your philosophy and patient demographic.